The 7 Best Laptops for Overwatch

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Overwatch is an award winning game from the behemoth game studio Blizzard.

It is a unique hero shooter that builds on an arsenal of individual characters and heroes that exist in a completely original world written and built by Blizzard, the studio behind other classics such as World of Warcraft.

Overwatch has garnered so much attention over the years because it is easy to pick up and play but hard to master. It is a game that can generate hours of fun without having to worry about coming in as a master player in order to enjoy it fully.

In order to truly enjoy the game, you have to have a computer that can run the game properly. Nothing can sink your enjoyment of an online hero shooter faster than having poor graphics, stuttering, and low frame rates. That will quickly make you go from feeling like a hero to feeling like a zero. 

Here are seven excellent laptops that can all run Overwatch easily. We have featured everything from fancy gaming rigs to basic daily use computers.

Here are the best laptops for OVERWATCH.

BEST OVERALL: Acer Predator Helios 300






5.29 LBS

If you want to get the best performance out of the game in order to get an edge on the competition you are going to want to run with a dedicated gaming laptop.

While Overwatch has fairly forgiving system specifications, having a gaming computer is going to give you enough power to ensure that your frame rates stay in the top percentile. 

This computer offers you a fantastic entry into the gaming laptop arena. With a fast processor and tons of RAM, you will be able to run Overwatch on Ultra with no problems and easily pull in 85FPS or more.

The Acer Predator Helios takes our top spot because it offers plenty of gaming features at a fair price and is able to eat up Overwatch gameplay easily giving you the competitive edge and gorgeous graphics you crave while gaming online.


You get a lot out of this laptop but it is also heavy and slurps down the battery like it is its job. If you are looking for something a little slimmer, a little trimmer and at a better price then you are going to want to check out the MSI GF63 Thin.

However, for an entry point to the gaming laptop space, this is an excellent computer that takes top billing for a reason.

● Intel Core i7-9750H Processor
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti Graphics
● 15.6” (1920×1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Great specs
  • Looks amazing
  • Fair price
  • Heavy
  • Poor battery life







4.1 LBS

If you are looking for a dedicated gaming laptop that is a little thinner and easier on your back then the MSI GF63 Thin is the way to go.

It is still packed with all of the great gaming components you need to run Overwatch at high rates and great graphics but cuts down on the bulk and the weight of the Acer Predator. 

However, this trade-off comes at the expense of the dedicated GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is one step below that of the 1660-Ti.

In terms of performance, this will not make much of a difference when it comes to Overwatch. You might have to step down to High rather than Ultra to keep those frame rates buttery smooth but you will still get above-average performance out of this computer while also shaving weight at only 4.1 lbs.


The only downside I see to this laptop is that the GPU is going to quickly fall behind the newer titles coming onto the market today.

If you only want to play Overwatch and similar kinds of games that have low system requirements, this won’t be an issue but if you are looking to get into gaming for the long term and are excited about new titles coming out the GPU is going to struggle to keep up.

● Intel Core i7-9750H Processor
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics
● 15.6” (1920×1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Advanced cooling system
  • Thin and light
  • Great specs
  • Older GPU








The ASUS TUF A15 is a laptop with a fast AMD processor. If you are looking for a rig that runs AMD rather than Intel then this should be one of your top choices.

The AMD Ryzen 7 4800H ranks in the top 200 for all processors on the market right now. It has a clock rate of 2.9GHz and came to market in 2020. 

This processor paired with the powerful dedicated GPU and fast DDR4 RAM gives you way more power than you need to run Overwatch at the highest settings.

As long as you have fast internet you will have no trouble eking out 80+FPS on Ultra with this computer. Those extra few frames per second might be what you need to go from mid-pack to top of the table.


So far we have seen three gaming laptops in a row but what if you simply want a regular computer that can also game? Gaming laptops can get expensive and some people’s budgets are not in the $1000 range.

If you want a regular computer you are going to have to sacrifice some of the power and components that come in computers like the ASUS A15 but they will be lighter and cheaper.

● AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics
● 15.6” (1920×1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Upgraded case
  • Extra cold cooling
  • Amazing specs
  • Heavy
  • Iffy battery







4.8 LBS

Lenovo is an excellent company with a long track record of making durable laptops. Their IdeaPad lineup of computers is one of the more popular brands that has served business people, students, and average Joe’s for many years.

The IdeaPad L340 is the perfect mix of functionality and gaming fun which is why it earns our spot for the best dual purpose laptop on the list. 

This laptop is a step down from the other gaming laptops on this list in terms of processor and RAM. The Intel Core i5-9300H is a much slower processor than is found in gaming laptops but is still fast enough to get the job done, especially with the GTX 1650 GPU.

The reduced RAM and processing power will cause you to drop down to Medium settings but you should still have no trouble getting 60FPS out of Overwatch if you tweak the settings just right.

If you do not care about beautiful graphics and want a computer that you can game and work in equal measures, this is a fantastic choice for you.


Lenovo’s IdeaPad L340 splits the difference between a true gaming computer and a true work computer meaning it will not do both extremely well.

It is a serviceable gaming computer and a serviceable work computer but it is not excellent at either. But for someone looking for a blend of work and play this one is a keeper.

● Intel Core i5-9300H Processor
● NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics
● 15.6” (1920×1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Highly efficient design
  • Gaming components
  • Great for work and play
  • Okay processor
  • Heavy

BEST BUDGET: MSI GF75 Thin Gaming Laptop






4.85 LBS

Getting a good gaming laptop from a reputable brand does not have to cost over a grand. This excellent computer by MSI is available for just $800 at most online outlets and offers some great gaming performance.

One of the best parts of this computer is the amazing display. At 17.3” it is large and gives you some super crisp and clear visuals using the latest FHD IPS technology. 

With that extra large sharp display, you are going to want to be able to run the highest graphical settings on Overwatch. You are going to be able to do that with this computer because of the great GPU.

If you crank up the graphics settings, you might run into a few performance hiccups due to the processor which is the last generation and might cause you to be stuck in the 30-45FPS range rather than 45-60.

For some people, especially avid PC gamers, that is a turnoff but if you want the best looking gaming experience, you might have to sacrifice some frames with this model.


If you are not happy with the specs on this computer you can always check out the rest of MSI’s offerings. We featured another MSI computer on this list but it was more expensive.

This is a perfect entry point into gaming laptops that offers a lot of the features and feel of the more expensive models without having to drop all of that money.

● Intel Core i5-10300H Processor
● NVIDIA GTX 1650 Graphics
● 17.3” (1920×1080) Full HD IPS Display

  • Affordable
  • Good specs
  • Large clear display
  • Could use a better processor
  • Heavy








If you want to simply play Overwatch on any settings at all, this computer is just good enough to get the job done but you aren’t going to be flying around at 60FPS.

This computer is going to struggle to put up big numbers on high settings but on low settings the game will run just fine.

The old AMD Ryzen 3 is just good enough to run the game and the integrated graphics are adequate but you are only going to be able to pull out 30FPS at low settings or less.

This is not going to appeal to everyone but not everyone has enough money to drop on a dedicated gaming rig capable of the highest settings.


This computer can run Overwatch. Barely. But you get a computer at a great price, the cheapest on this list.

If you want something more powerful that can run the game better, you are going to have to fork over more money. This computer is great for anyone on a budget or who doesn’t care about playing on Low settings.

● AMD Ryzen3 3250U Processor
● AMD Radeon Integrated Graphics
● 17.3” (1920×1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Super cheap
  • Great brand
  • Awesome display
  • Integrated graphics
  • Slow processor

BEST 2-IN-1: Lenovo Flex 5






3.6 LBS

The Lenovo Flex 5 is a versatile 2-in-1 computer that is also able to handle playing Overwatch. If you are not someone looking to grab a gaming laptop and ride off into the sunset of the latest and greatest computer games this is a computer for you.

Gaming laptops are powerful but they are not as versatile as this computer.

The Flex 5 has a snappy touchscreen, the ability to function as a tablet or a computer and it comes with a stylus.

This computer is great for taking notes, drawing, surfing the web, and running a business in addition to settling in for a few rounds of Overwatch when you’re done with all of that work.

However, with AMD Integrated Graphics and an old Ryzen 5, you are not going to get great performance out of the game. The game will run and you will be able to get 45FPS on low settings and 25-30FPS on Medium settings.

That is playable but you might be at a disadvantage during online play because of the lack of high end performance. But if you are looking for a versatile computer with multiple functions, this is one of the best.


With the Flex 5, you are trading a powerful dedicated GPU for the versatility that comes with having a new 2-in-1 laptop.

While Overwatch will run on this computer, it will not be able to play many other games unless they are similar in requiring very low specifications to run properly.

● AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor
● AMD Radeon Integrated Graphics
● 14” (1920 x 1080) FHD IPS Display

  • Supremely versatile
  • Tablet and PC in one
  • Light
  • Affordable
  • Integrated graphics
  • Small hard drive

Overwatch System Requirements

By current standards, they are very forgiving. The great thing about Overwatch is that nearly every modern computer should be able to run the game in some capacity.

The RAM requirements are extremely low compared to other modern games. The graphics card requirements are equally forgiving.

The minimum specs can easily run on the latest batch of integrated graphics chips. The only hold up one might run into is the requirement for broadband internet and 30GB of free space because almost any slightly above average computer should be able to handle the rest. 

You can check out the full recommended specs from Blizzard below.


Operating SystemWindows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8650
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460, ATI Radeon™ HD 4850, or Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Storage4GB RAM
RAM30GB Available Hard Drive Space
Resolution1024 x 768 minimum display resolution


Operating SystemWindows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom™ II X3 or better
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 or better
Storage6GB RAM
RAM30GB Available Hard Drive Space
Resolution1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
1920×1080 recommended

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Laptop for Overwatch

CPU Processor for Overwatch

A fast CPU is an underrated but very important factor in squeaking out greater frame rates from your games.

But Overwatch, while coded to take advantage of up to 6 cores at a time, is ultimately very single threaded, meaning how many cores (dual or quad or even larger – if you don’t know what a core is click here) your laptop has won’t matter. 

More importantly is your clock speed which is measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz). The general rule is the higher the number the more power the CPU has, but beware as that doesn’t right away mean it will have faster performance. 

The most important factor in Overwatch are frame rates per second (FPS) and with additional clock speed, you can get greater frame rates than with more cores.

Another important factor is the clock speed of the RAM. 

Here is what you need to know about processing power in relation to a great Overwatch performance.

AMD or Intel?

This is a personal preference and we have featured computers that are packing both Intel and AMD processors.

Intel is better known and has been at the forefront of chip making for many years but AMD has recently made a big push to close the gap on Intel in terms of brand recognition and overall quality.

If you don’t have a strong personal preference simply pick based on a laptop you love. Neither brand is going to give you a noticeable difference in performance over the other.

Required CPU on Overwatch’s Low Settings

The minimum requirements for Overwatch in terms of CPUs are laughably light. It is asking for an Intel i3 and an AMD Phenom.

But I would recommend at least getting an AMD Ryzen. You might want to double-check your specifications if you have an old laptop but if you are buying a new computer or have bought one in the recent past then your processor is going to be more than enough to meet the minimum requirements for low settings. 

But make sure you keep your resolution lower (around 720p) so that your frame rate kicks up. 

Even a basic Intel Core i5-9300H with a clock speed of 2.4GHz is going to be plenty to run this game on low settings and that is on the lower end of modern processors with a CPU rank of over 600

If your computer is very old and you need to go lower than the regular overwatch settings and get rid of shadows and such to improve performance, then you check out this video below that goes into detail on how to do that.

Required CPU on Overwatch’s Medium Settings

Medium settings will benefit from a quad core processor. It does not have to be the latest or greatest processor but having multiple cores and a solid amount of power is going to help the game.

Most standard processors that ship in any gaming laptop will meet these requirements no problem. If you get clock speed of 2.9GHz-3.5GHz or higher and stay with 720p you can get around 30FPS.

If you want to play at 1080p and get the desired 60FPS you will need a dedicated GPU on top of it which I will go over in a minute. Integrated graphic cards will limit the frame rate to about 30FPS on medium.

Required CPU on Overwatch’s High Settings

For high settings, you are going to want a 9th generation or better processor from Intel or AMD. A quad core is going to be a necessity.

The latest generation Intel and AMD chips that run at clock speeds of 4.0GHz and above, with multiple cores and multithreading capabilities will allow you to max out your frame rates at 60-80 or higher with a dedicated GPU while still getting the advanced Ultra high graphics that you crave.

GPU – Video Graphic Cards for Overwatch

GPU stands for graphics processing unit and it refers to the graphics card in a computer. The GPU is a key component when it comes to gaming machines. Without a good GPU games cannot run smoothly. There are multiple options when it comes to GPUs including integrated or dedicated, AMD or NVIDIA, and more.

Integrated Video Cards

An integrated video card is a basic GPU that depends on the computer’s CPU to run it. It does not have its own processor or its own RAM. That makes them weaker and more intensive than a dedicated graphics card.

Integrated graphics work well on machines that are doing basic gaming and systems that have multiple cores and surplus RAM that can be dedicated to the integrated GPU. 

For computer gaming in general, a dedicated graphics card is always preferable to an integrated card especially if you are looking to play on higher settings, with great resolution and good frame rates.

However, for Overwatch, if you are simply looking to get adequate performance out of a budget computer and play on low settings you can run this game on an integrated graphics card. 

This is an example video of Overwatch on an integrated video card:

Dedicated Video Cards

Dedicated video cards have their own processing brain and their own internal video RAM. The more video RAM and the faster the dedicated graphics processor a card has, the more powerful it is.

For example, decent graphics cards ship with around 4GB of internal VRAM. Pretty much any dedicated graphics card should be able to run Overwatch without a hitch.

If you want to play Overwatch at high resolution and get a great frame rate, the only way to achieve that is with a dedicated video card.

It is easy to pick out a dedicated card versus an integrated card because it will tell you right in the system specifications. If it says Intel HD Graphics or AMD Integrated those are integrated cards.

Dedicated cards have their own name and brands. For example, the NVIDIA GTX is an extensive line of dedicated graphics cards that features prominently on this list. 

Keep an eye out for whether or not a computer has a dedicated GPU or integrated. The difference in performance is massive.

And even a low end dedicated GPU will do great with Overwatch, the benefits don’t increase significantly the higher you go as Overwatch is not very GPU intensive.


This is a debate that has been raging online for many years and honestly, there is no right answer.

We could write an entire guide breaking down NVIDIA vs AMD vs Intel but in the end, the differences are minute enough not to matter.

NVIDIA has a larger market share and their graphics cards are more familiar than AMD, though AMD has been making gains on the competition in recent years in terms of production and power. 

When it comes to Overwatch specifically, neither company holds a distinct advantage. Both NVIDIA and AMD are listed on the specification chart which means that the game is not designed to run better on one than the other.

Some games are designed specifically with one brand of graphics card in mind (usually denoted by a splash screen in the opening credits) but Overwatch is not one of those kinds of games. 

This is entirely a preference but the abundance of good NVIDIA cards on the market right now has led to a larger presence of NVIDIA cards on our list at this time.

Overwatch’s Ultra Settings

Some gamers are sticklers for running things at Ultra settings. So what kind of GPU does Overwatch require to run at Ultra? Not a supercomputer. 

The recommended graphics card to run Overwatch at 60FPS on Ultra is an NVIDIA GTX 1050. That is a last generation card with a moderate amount of power compared to some of the cards coming out today.

The most advanced cards right now are in the 3000 series while the 2000 series is still catering to most mid-ranged gamers. The 1000 series, that the 1050 is a part of, is cheap to buy and easy to get. 

In fact, all of the gaming laptops on our list come with 1000 series NVIDIA cards which are able to run Overwatch at Ultra with no issues. The only computers we featured that cannot run Overwatch on Ultra are the models that are running integrated GPUs.

Storage for Overwatch


When it comes to storage, you only need to have 30GB free in order to play Overwatch.

Games typically run faster and smoother on solid state drives rather than on traditional spinning disk hard drives but one is not sufficiently better to warrant a recommendation. The vast majority of new computers come with a main solid state drive included.

It is good to note that a computer’s listed storage specifications are always going to be lower when the computer arrives because the operating system and key registry files take up some space.

If you get a computer with 256GB out of the box storage that is going to leave you with closer to 200GB of free and clear storage. Overwatch uses 30GB and needs some cushion to keep it updated so it is good to keep those kinds of numbers in mind while shopping.

Storage issues can also easily be alleviated with the purchase of an external drive to store your game on. Overwatch will run just fine off of an external hard drive.

Is SSD or HDD better for Overwatch?

A solid-state drive (SSD) functions similar to a hard drive (HDD) but the data is stored on flash-memory chips which makes them faster and more reliable. Because of these advantages they are more expensive so you typically find HDD only in cheaper budget laptops.

All of the laptops on this list have an SSD so you don’t have to worry about that. 

When it comes to PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) and NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) it can’t hurt to have it but it also won’t give you much benefits when playing Overwatch on a laptop.

RAM for Overwatch


Overwatch’s RAM requirements are very low. The minimum recommended amount of RAM is only 4GB which is easily covered by almost any new laptop available today. 

But if you are going to go for a laptop with an integrated graphics card you need to go for at least 6-8GB since they don’t have their own video ram (VRAM) and will need to use the RAM as well.

The average amount of RAM for a new laptop in 2021 is 8GB so running out of RAM should not be an issue for the modern laptop shopper. Even the recommended amount of RAM is only 6GB which still falls shy of the standard 8GBs that most computers ship with.

It is good to note that having way more RAM than required does not boost performance all that much.

Getting a computer with 16GB of RAM to play a game that takes 4GB is not going to give you a 4x boost to performance. Excess RAM simply allows the computer to multitask better using the processor. 

BUT getting a dual channeled RAM can make it faster. This means getting a laptop that has 2 x 8GB RAM sticks to get to 16GB instead of one singular 16GB stick. Same applies to 8GB and 32GB etc.


Size is not the only component when looking at RAM. There is also a speed factor. When you see things like DDR3 or DDR4 behind the RAM size it refers to the speed of the RAM.

So currently the newest laptops are in the 4th generation. If you are buying a new computer make sure it says DDR4. If you already have a computer and it says DDR3, it definitely works but you may drop a few frames.

Display & Resolution for Overwatch

The resolution requirement for Overwatch is stunningly low. With a 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution requirement nearly any display on the market should be able to adequately run this game. However, it will not look very impressive in 1024 x 768. 

All of our laptops listed here have an IPS Display which is the kind of display you would want when playing any kind of game. TN Displays are not going to give you what you need so don’t go out buying the cheapest of the cheapest laptop.

As for display size, that is a personal preference. The standard gaming display size is 15” which should be large enough for most people.

If you prefer larger displays, there are models with 16” and 17” screens available. Anything less than 15” might be a little cramped, but again, that is a personal preference.

The most common screen resolution today is 1920 x 1080 which will give you a crisp and sharp view of the game. Most gaming displays natively run in 1920 x 1080 unless otherwise stated. Just make sure to check.

Cooling Systems

Gaming laptops are notorious for overheating while running games. Luckily, Overwatch is not a game that has a very intensive CPU draw. 

The temperature of your laptop shouldn’t get too hot while gaming but make sure to keep an eye out for advanced cooling systems. Most gaming laptops such as from MSI or ASUS run a multilayered fan system to push cool air in and eject hot air out. 

Non-gaming laptops might have lesser grade cooling systems and might run hotter over long periods of time during use. That is something to look out for when choosing between a dedicated gaming computer and a dual purpose laptop.


Is My Laptop Strong Enough for Overwatch?

If your laptop was purchased within the last four years and was not a bottom tier product when it was purchased, the answer is most likely yes.

Double check your laptop specs against the minimum required specs listed here for Overwatch and compare. As long as you have 4GB of RAM, 30GB of free storage, and a newer graphics card, you should not have a problem. 

If you do not know what the exact specifications of your computer are, you can easily look them up if you are on Windows.

First, hit the Windows key on the bottom left of your keyboard, it looks like the Windows logo. Then, search for System Information in the box that appears.

Click on the result in the Start Menu and it should bring up your full system specifications for you to look at.

Which is the No 1 Gaming Laptop?

There is no true number one gaming laptop overall. Laptops are infinitely customizable in their specifications, size, and features which is why they are such popular machines.

A computer that is number one for one person might not even be on the top ten list of another person.

For our list, specifically made for people who want to play Overwatch and similar kinds of games, we listed the Acer Predator Helios 300 due to its specifications, price, and performance. 

There are flagship laptops from some of the top manufacturers such as Alienware, ROG, and MSI that sell for thousands of dollars that could be considered a number one laptop but are they feasible and affordable? No, not really.

Which Brand offers the Best Gaming Laptops?

Ostensibly, Alienware has long been the de facto king of the gaming laptop market. However, Alienware computers are often expensive and extremely powerful.

While Alienware might be the best overall, they are not the best for playing simpler games like Overwatch. If you dropped thousands of dollars on an Alienware laptop to play Overwatch, everyone is going to tell you you overpaid. 

Out of the brands featured on our list, MSI takes the cake. They are a growing company with a stellar reputation.

Their lineup of gaming laptops is affordable, sleek, lightweight, and gives you a lot of power and options. Their computers hold up, can run Overwatch very well without blowing a hole in your bank account.


Overwatch is an extremely fun hero shooter and it deserves a play. Luckily, Blizzard designed a game that is not only super fun but also very easy on modern computer systems.

Whether you are looking for a school laptop, a budget computer or a new gaming rig all of the computers on this list will breeze through Overwatch and give you a nice experience while doing it.

There are laptops of all price points, features and types featured here so that anyone can find a machine that is a perfect fit for them and their Overwatch addiction.

Are you an Overwatch gamer using a laptop other than the ones mentioned here on our list? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Laptop Shopping!